viernes, 4 de enero de 2008

...Little review...

Have you ever felt, the horror
of your silence talking to your heart?

I do... and its all over much to painful

Sometimes I enjoy to keep my pains
very deep in my heart, as a rebel whitout cause,
and its for them, that I do my most beautiful

Balancing my self, I give to those pains
the name of love, maybe as a consolation gift
to my misfortune, until one day I decided just
to shut up my self... and sleep in my pain,
always in my pain, trying to shut him up
... tryig to put him sleep...

And once asleep the two of us,
me and my pain... we have nothing else
but the memories of wich we was
and never will be...

because the soul of two enemies, whit a little
step, could merge into one, but...
the soul of two lovers, wich are not anymore,
will never,
because such hatred is the most pure
and sincere...

But the idea that has been going thru my mind
once and again is...
sometimes take a bath of love is purifying
but a bath of hatred is fortifying...

I want to take this
as a lesson of life...
of this bitter-sweet life.

You is just you
and me is just me...
... we are not us anymore.

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